Visa Facilitation Agreement Belarus Eu

The Visa Facilitation Agreement between Belarus and the European Union (EU) is a significant agreement that aims to make it easier for Belarusian citizens to apply for short-term visas to travel to the EU. This agreement was signed in 2011 and entered into force in 2020 after several years of negotiations between Belarus and the EU.

Under this agreement, the EU has simplified the visa application process for Belarusian citizens by reducing the visa fees, shortening the processing time, and allowing multiple entries for some categories of travelers. This move is expected to boost tourism, business, and cultural exchange between Belarus and the EU member states.

The visa facilitation agreement is a crucial step towards strengthening the relationship between Belarus and the EU. This agreement presents an opportunity for Belarusians to explore the rich cultural and historical heritage of EU member states, to gain new business contacts, and to benefit from the educational and employment opportunities that the EU offers.

The agreement also includes provisions to strengthen cooperation in combating illegal immigration and cross-border crime. It emphasizes the importance of protecting human rights and preventing visa-related discrimination against Belarusian citizens.

Belarusian citizens are now able to benefit from the visa facilitation agreement and enjoy a streamlined visa application process. The agreement also allows EU citizens to travel to Belarus with simplified visa requirements.

In conclusion, the Visa Facilitation Agreement between Belarus and the European Union is a positive development for both parties. The agreement has opened up new opportunities for travel, business, and cultural exchange, while also promoting cooperation in areas such as security and human rights. Belarusians can now take advantage of the easier visa application process and explore the many benefits of visiting EU member states.

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